The Able Kids Foundation is a research-based, solutions oriented nonprofit that partners with local, national, and international organizations to improve lives and expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Able Kids FoundationNonprofit Removing Communication Barriers

Able Kids Foundation
724 Whalers Way, Building I, Suite 101,
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

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Welcome to the Able Kids Foundation

Removing communication barriers is what the Able Kids Foundation is determined to address.  Success is often determined by educational attainment and educational success is directly linked to technological support.  Those two elements blended together set the stage for this Foundation so that we can maximize our impact on the lives of children and adults.  The Able Kids Foundationís unique structure allows for the blending of novel auditory research, in-depth central auditory processing clinical assessment and management, and technology to foster enhanced educational success that will be a catalyst for continued learning and growth.